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Kamabesu Villa is a 2 building property with expansive pool and decks. The Main House encloses 2 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms, living area, main kitchen, screened dining veranda and entertainment systems. The Club House Main level holds 2 identical bedroom suites each also having attached bathrooms, kitchenette and laundry facilities as well as the 5th bedroom suite located on the lower level and accessed by the garden path. The Garden Suite, like all the bedrooms on property, has a King Size Tempur-pedic bed as well as a full bunk bed. It is larger than any of the three rooms and houses a mini-refrigerator, coffee pot and small bar unit.

Bedroom Details

Main House: 2 Bedrooms each with attached bathroom and King Size Tempur-pedic Bed
Club House: 3 Bedrooms each with attached bathroom and King Size Tempur-pedic Bed (the Garden Suite on the lower level of the Club House also has a full bunk bed).

Any room on property can additionally fit the Queen Framed Aero Bed and we have 2 cribs available for guests' use with advance request.

We rent to only one client at a time but can split the property to accommodate groups of 2-16 people. The Main House can be rented alone for groups up to 6 when using the Queen Aero Bed and Club House bedrooms can be added to the rental accommodating nearly 16 people if 2 of those are young children.

Kitchen Details

The kitchen of the Main House was fully remodeled in 2011 updating the counter tops to granite, appliances to state of the art and servicing or replacing all of the amenities within. The deluxe refrigerator with water and ice machine can hold a full Christmas Dinner for 20 — we know because we've done it! The newly upgraded dishwasher can hold all of the dishes from the dinner and is energy efficient. The kitchen also comes with a multi-level microwave, coffee maker, blender, oven/stove top, pots, pans, serving platters and even a separate industrial grade ice machine for blended drinks! Other items like griddle, panini press and fondue pot also make the occasional rounds as family bring down their most recently purchased and gifted items. Please contact us with questions on specific utilities needed. If we don't have it we may be able to get it with enough advance notice.

The Kitchenette of the Club House comes with a half fridge/freezer, micro-wave, coffee maker and blender as well as cabinetry items for continental breakfast service and easy pool side snack preparation. It is convenient and functional for a group staying on the lower level that may prefer added privacy from the hustle and bustle of the main kitchen.

The Garden Suite offers a mini-fridge, micro-wave and coffee maker as well, allowing guests to have an even deeper level of privacy and giving adequate space for even the slowest riser to greet the day with his morning beverage in hand in the luxury of the gardens. The Banana Trees offer added comfort upon exiting the Garden Room and we have found many guests lingering by the gardens outside the door with drink in hand before checking in on the main level.

Path to Garden
Path to Garden
Bed with pillows
One of Kamabesu's bedrooms
kamabesu villa kitchen
Fully remodeled kitchen
banana tree at the villa
Banana tree
garden chairs
Relax in the garden chairs

Our Story - View Our Story - Hide

Kamabesu Villa is named after four sisters; Katie, Maggie, Betsy and Susan. Joe & Paula Tarta, the owners of the property, began vacationing with their daughters here in the early 80s. Over the years the family grew and calling kids by each name got a little jumbled sounding something like ka-Ma-ba-soo! When they decided visiting once a year was not enough they invested in what is now Kamabesu Property upgrading the main building with only 2½ bedrooms to a multi-building property with 7 bedrooms, extensive gardens and pool deck. To better manage the property they have full time caretakers on site that keep constant watch over the house and provide extra care for the guests.

Their vision has created not only a home for their now extended family, as each daughter has married and has families of their own, but also a place they can share with guests visiting and enjoying the magic of St. John. They know you will love the island and hope all the details they've invested into the property will make you feel not just comforted but pampered. And if you fall in love with the island as much as they did they have a good lead on an architect.

Joe & Paula, parents to the Kamabesu girls, have invested their hearts and are happy to welcome you to their home. They are both avid gardeners and believe a vacation home should be more comfortable than the one you left. Paula hand painted the details in all the bathrooms including the 6 foot Palm tree and international phrases for "Water is Precious." Joe's hands-on approach to the garden has fortified the house with a wall of plantings offering privacy and beauty to all guests. Like the girls themselves this house caters to different personalities.

the tarta family
The Tarta Family
beach wedding
The Tarta Family


Over the years we have had many celebrations and most often family reunions. We entertain couples on their various anniversary and we are even privy to being the location where they got engaged. Baby's births have been celebrated, numerous holidays and even memorials where families come together to commemorate a life. We proudly host active military service men and their families and once was the venue for the most unusual Senator's announcement of candidacy to his family. Birthday parties remain a steadfast and we love a good party!

Celebrations at Kamabesu Villa
Celebrations at Kamabesu Villa
Celebrations at Kamabesu Villa
Celebrations at Kamabesu Villa
Celebrations at Kamabesu Villa
Celebrations at Kamabesu Villa
Celebrations at Kamabesu Villa
Celebrations at Kamabesu Villa
Celebrations at Kamabesu Villa
Celebrations at Kamabesu Villa

Kamabesu Villa can host up to 16 guests on property without an additional event fee. We look forward to hearing from you directly regarding any special occasions of a larger scale and we will help you find the perfect place for it if our property is best kept for you as the recovery zone. Thank you for thinking of Kamabesu as a celebration destination.



Kamabesu Villa is delighted to have Randle Elmore, 15 year island resident and decade long luxury estate manager lead our team as resident caretaker.

Randle's skills as a carpenter, electrician, pool care and all around property manager are proficient having been well honed during his multiple seasons at Villa Kismet, one of the islands first 5 star full-service properties. His visions of launching a concierge business that melts his local knowledge and know-how with guest services is now being realized at Kamabesu Villa and available to all of our visitors.

Having had a very rewarding time at Kismet his connectivity lead him to other care taking opportunities on land and by sea, managing sailing and motor yachts, while traveling to some of the Atlantic and Caribbean's most desirable ports. His extensive island knowledge is useful for our guests staying a week or longer who might want to plan excursions to other islands like famed Jost Van Dyke's White Bay or Foxy's!

You will find Randle and his side kick, Pee Wee, a coconut retriever otherwise known as beloved adopted island stray, out and about most days. Pee Wee, like most of the world's best things, came at just the right time and with no strings attached. She showed up at his doorstep and began following Randle around. He, like everyone who meets her, was charmed from the get go and within a year they were inseparable. Pee Wee, now getting long in the tooth, has been in hundreds of guests' photos on island and numerous weddings, vow renewals and receptions. She is a bit of a local celebrity. We know you'll adore her as much as we do!

As guests of Kamabesu you will hear from Randle upon booking. He will direct you toward our concierge service options and help coordinate pickup times at the dock. Upon arrival Randle will introduce you to the house systems and provide a full orientation to not only the property but the island.

Randle and Pee Wee reside in the caretaker's apartment and use their own driveway and stairwell assuring guests privacy while still being able to provide security, direction and support to Kamabesu's visitors.

Caretaker Randle of Kamabesu Villa
Caretaker Randle
Caretakers Randle and Pee Wee
Caretakers Randle and Pee Wee

Villa Manager

Katie and Bryan lived on St. John for a decade creating what is now known as the Kamabesu experience enhancing guest's stay with each added bedroom, amenity and process. Having now relocated their home base to the North East in 2014 their daily presence will be missed though we are glad they will remain on as Villa Managers. As island residents since 2004 they resided as the primary caretakers of Kamabesu. Bryan, the resident LEED certified architect, will continue to be involved in property development, design and large scale home improvements. Katie will remain active managing the business development, marketing and bookings for the property and expects to be present throughout the year. Their personal investment into the success of Kamabesu is unwavering and though they have changed locale their personal touches are seen throughout the property. We are excited to follow their successes and the two boy's growth and look forward to the many improvements they can offer through their growing experiences professionally and personally. Expect to hear from Katie during your booking process and introduce you to the property she still calls home. As a guest you will work with Katie during your booking process and she will introduce you to the property that's become part of her.

villa-manager villa-manager


concierge sign
Welcome to Kamabesu Villa

Our management staff is there to greet, treat and introduce guests to the property as well as being available to handle concerns that may arise. Caretakers will meet you at the dock upon arrival, bring you to your car rental and lead you to the house offering a general orientation tour of St. John. They will point out where the recycling and trash is located, shopping, groceries, pharmacy and gas station. Upon arriving at the villa a greeter will introduce you to the property, present your welcome package of goodies and explain the house systems as well as offer guidance for your first nights dining choice. Additional concierge services such as activity bookings, private chef and shopping roles as well as Event & Wedding Planning business and architectural services can be hired through the caretakers. We strongly encourage you to do so prior to your arrival to ensure availabilities.

villa-manager villa-manager

Chasing Green

Since the additions to the property starting in 2006 we have been actively chasing after GREEN via technology, development and design thanks to our on-site LEED certified architect - Bryan!

chasing green - fruit
Chasing Green - Fruit

The additions including the multiple level of decks, pool placement, Club House and gardens have been designed to further the natural resources we have in plenty on island taking full advantage of the year round tropical breezes from the south and carefully managed sun exposure. The siting alone has changed the need for pool heating which experiences full sun from its rise until late afternoon helping to maintain a temperature between 78-88 degrees Fahrenheit year round. The pool filtration system was selected to provide a fresh water non-chlorinated pool removing harsh chemicals from the process of maintaining the gentle ph balance helping to preserve not only your bathing suit but the delicate environment as well.

Our gardens were forged through long hours of research by self-appointed lead gardener Joe who has found the perfectly planted tropical fauna to flourish and protect the grounds from sun exposure, salt air and drought seasons providing lush wanderings year round. With over 60,000 gallons in cistern capacity on property we take full advantage of the rain showers to store and sustain not only the plantings but the people. Using UV technology our water is hospital grade drinking rated and eliminates excess purchases for our guests.

Kamabesu's bedroom

2010 Boasted the arrival of renewable materials (bamboo, teak, ipe, etc.), guest friendly vegetable and fruit garden including Valencia Orange & Banana trees, Herb Garden, Tomato Plants and many other edible veggies & fruits all maintained by our renewable gray-water system and filtered cisterns! Vegetation sprouts seasonally so please contact us for what is expected to be ripe during your visit as our dry season runs December through April and effects the edible gardens more than the tropical beauties.

Bryan & brother in-law Mike, also grace the property with hand made furniture using local materials. Most recently added in 2013 is a table using found wood on island as well as the trunk of a 50 foot Genip tree on property. We are so glad to be giving back to this great island that gives us great pleasure by reducing our Eco-footprint and can't wait for you to come and see.

Property Maintenance

some fruit and edible plants from the property
Some fruit and edible plants from the property

With many winding paths throughout the property it is no wonder it takes a team of 4 to keep the flora in tact and guests will see our gardeners, courtesy of Alfredo's Landscaping, on site weekly maintaining the beauty that is ours. The owner, Joe, spends countless hours adding to the landscaping design every winter bringing in orchids that he tenderly cultivates and other carefully chosen varieties of flowers to beautify an already stunning view. Joe's constant attention during his visits ensure we have the highest standards in landscaping plantings and Alfredo's team is vigilant about keeping it so. Katie, a novice green thumb, experiments with edible vegetation throughout the seasons — yes, we have seasons here — adding and sharing the bounty with guests as they bloom. Year round herb gardens with local thyme, basil and aloe vera are usually available year round. Other items like papaya, bananas, coconut and limes are regular bloomers as well. Varietals such as tomatoes, eggplant, rosemary, black seed lettuce and more flourish at different times of the year.


Kamabesu's in-ground pool

Our Pool which is a large concrete in-ground pool with cistern beneath is filtered without harsh chemicals where natural salt is added instead of chlorine to keep the fresh water clear for guests to enjoy. It is maintained weekly and a common visit from our crew can be seen early Monday mornings, though you will not likely hear them as they delicately go about their business. The pool's temperature, due to sun exposure, ranges between 78-88 degrees year round and is a perfect way to end a day at the beach or simply lounge by it all morning.

Staffing & Electricity

We rely on a heavy staff of suppliers that keep our property functional and up to snuff. From our Generator service providers at Import Supply who regularly check the workings of our 25,000 Watt Perkins Generator with 500 extra gallons of diesel for extended use, which is available to guests during black outs, to our full time housekeeping crew run by the amazing Patricia, and exterminator services scheduled during non-visitor times, it is no small project. When our cisterns are not enough and dry season has squeezed every last drop we call upon Henry's Trucking or Mouse at Oasis to fill us back up again. The work is endless and we love every minute. Without these vendors and staff this tropical paradise would be mostly tropical.

WAPA, our energy supply source (Water and Power Authority) provides our electricity via underwater cables from St. Thomas. It is plausible that an outage will occur every couple of months and thus we have installed a full scale generator to protect guests from the unpleasantries though it is nice to be off the grid occasionally. Our outlets are the same as what is found in the states and we provide hair dryers and irons to use.

Conserve & Recycle

Spring seasonal view from Main Level at Kamabesu Villa
Spring seasonal view from Main Level at Kamabesu Villa

We kindly ask guests to be respectful of the electric usage turning off lights, fans and air conditioning when not on site to help conserve. We insist on keeping doors and windows shut during AC use and caretakers will gently remind guests of such upon arrival and as necessary to help keep costs down and rental rates affordable. Kamabesu collects most of our house water via rooftop which is then collected in cisterns and though we don't request military showers or even group showering we will ask you to please be aware of your usage especially with the dishwasher and clothing washer. Please only run when full and no running water while brushing teeth. Small changes make big impacts on fragile environments.

St. John does not offer private home trash or recycling removal. There is aluminum recycling only on St. John at the moment and collection sites are provided throughout the island. You will bring your refuse to the trash bins located sporadically on island daily. Most stations also offer aluminum recycling. Should you have any batteries please speak to the caretakers about collection of hazardous materials. Upon check-out, if you don't have room to bring your trash to the collection site please notify the caretakers who will happily assist you.

House Supplies & Linens

Towel at Kamabesu Villa
Kamabesu provides high quality linens for your visit
Towel at Kamabesu Villa
All of the flowers displayed throughout the house are from our own gardens

We proudly provide the finest linens Paula can find. She researches and collects replacements throughout the year bringing in Frett, Ralph Lauren, Company Store and other high quality sheets, pillows and decor to compliment the tempur-pedic & Mahogany beds on property.

We offer beach towels for guest use and bath towels as well as robes best used to and from the pool for a late night dip! The house will also provide 4 toilet tissue rolls per bathroom as well as 2 rolls of paper towels and general kitchen cleaning supplies.

The kitchen is stocked with a variety of spices as well and local thyme, aloe vera and frequently basil are fresh for the picking.

All of the flowers displayed throughout the house are from our own gardens and if in a vase it is a non-poisonous varietal though we do have other more dangerous flora on property including oleander and seasonal poinsettias. Please ask before you pick anything to ensure your safety.

Main House - 2 Beds 2 Baths

The Main House on property is the heart of the Villa. It is where the most living takes place with its ample kitchen, lanai, porches and living areas. The Master Bedroom with private 2 sink bathroom, is located to the left of the living room upon entering. Decorated in hand carved wood, paintings of local animals and scenery the décor is best described as Tropical Colonial Fusion that highlights a bygone era while inviting in more modern perks. The Turtle Room, located to the right upon entering the Main House, is adorned in warm tones and views face South East allowing the morning sun to lure you on island adventures. Each bedroom also has an attached bathroom, AC and WiFi. The living area is home to the only TV on property and while we do offer cable the draw is usually to the extensive Video collection on hand as well as the audio system setup to work with your iPod or iPhone.

The Main House provides a phone for local use and AT&T and Verizon clients can find a house signal in the Master Bedroom, driveway and occasionally by the pool The house WiFi reaches all but the Garden Suite room and the password will be provided during your check-in. A safe is also provided for guest use during the stay.

Main House Features - Expand Main House Features - Hide

  • 2 King Size Tempur-pedic Beds
  • Queen framed aero-bed
  • 2 Full Baths
  • Kitchen
  • Living Area with screened in porches
  • 15 x 23 Ft Concrete Pool with Extra Large Trex Deck, Pergola, Gazebo, Hammock, Outdoor Shower, Grill and Dining Area
  • Ice Machines
  • Air conditioning
  • Generator Power
  • WIFI internet
  • Free Local Calls
  • Linens & Towels
  • Attached safe
  • Concierge Service Available
  • Dock Pickup included in rental fee


The owner's great loves include beach lounging, gardening, cooking, literature and movies. Kamabesu Villa features multiple amenities for these hobbies from the extensive Library of Books to the Catalogs of Music, DVDs, Games and Videos as well as all the tools a pampered chef could desire.


Movie classics such as Bridge over the River Kwai, Rear Window, The Godfather I-III, Braveheart and Moulin Rouge are just highlights in the collection. Surround sound from speakers mounted on the ceiling transforms the living room into your own viewing theater and the rustling of the Caribbean winds only enhances the experience. WiFi internet available on entire property. Have to work while on vacation? Do it at the pool!


Lush gardens with Orchids, Oleander, Hibiscus, Bougainvillea and Fan Palms border the driveway providing privacy and improving the views through the eyes and nose. Fruit trees like mango, papaya, coconut, lime and genip (a local fruit) produce seasonally on the property. Vegetable gardens grow a variety of edibles seasonally including beets, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, Swiss chard, eggplant, green beans, scallions and more.

Beach Gear

Beach lounging should be treated like an art form, or so believe the sisters of Kamabesu. The house has beach chairs, coolers, rafts, noodles, snorkeling gear, beach towels and ice packs all which are essential for a day at the shore. The outdoor shower, located to the right of the entry, is powerful enough to scrub sandy feet clean but also soothing as it washes away the saltwater from threaded locks.


While the kitchen is complete with salad spinner to crepe pan and everything in between and the gas grill boasts a side burner, making dinner and clean up an easy feat, the welcome book also lists multiple restaurants and delivery options so even Mom can have the vacation she deserves! So whether you're making French Gourmet, grilled catch of the day or reservations, Kamabesu has everything you need.

Entrance to Kamabesu main house
The entrance to Kamabesu — Main House
Main house great room
Great Room of Main House
Dining Area and View of Main House
Dining Area & View of Main House
Master Bedroom of Main House
Master Bedroom of Main House
View Facing Southeast
View Facing Southeast

Club House - 3 Beds 3 Baths

Kamabesu Villa has expanded to include the newly constructed Club House. The Club House has two King size tempur-pedic bedrooms and two full bathrooms with kitchenette and laundry on the first floor and 1 bedroom with king size tempur-pedic bed and full bunk bed with attached bathroom on the lower floor. The building is adjacent to the pool and accessible for luggage drop off by the lower driveway. The path to the main house runs past the pool to the mosaic inspired stairway. The Club House first level has two bedrooms, The Blue Room & The White Room, which can be added on to the Main House rental expanding your space individually or to the entire Club House. The Blue Room has a North East view facing Fish Bay toward Ditliff Point. The White Room views are of the surrounding gardens and fauna on property. The Garden Suite located by stone path outside the building to the lower level and is accessible by French Doors leading into a large bedroom with King Size Bed and full bunk beds. There is also a half refrigerator, water pitcher, micro-wave and coffee pot inside. The lower level of the Club House in addition to housing the Garden Suite contains the cistern for that building and pump room.

Club House Features - Expand Club House Features - Hide

  • 3 King Bedrooms
  • 3 Full Bathrooms
  • Kitchenette
  • Laundry with Washer & Dryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Fans
  • Generator Power
  • Blender
  • Coffee Machine
  • Mini-Fridge
  • Toaster Oven
  • WIFI internet (not always available in the Garden Suite)
  • Hospital grade Ultra Vioet purified water
  • Linens & Towels
  • Safe

There is air-conditioning in each bedroom but with fans on and interior doors open the AC units will easily cool the entire space including bathrooms and kitchenette. The property generator is available to keep the main house fully operational and also reaches to The Club House keeping fans and lights on during the occasional power outages experienced on island. Store your beverages and snacks in the mini-fridge and wake with a cup of coffee by the pool or under the gazebo enjoying the island breezes before heading up to the main house for breakfast.


The Club House is only available as an add on to the Kamabesu Villa and does NOT rent separately. There is never more than one rental party on property at any time. The Club House is located on the pool level, 2 stories beneath the Main House. The pathway leading to the Main House is for the private use of the guests in The Club House and Kamabesu Villa. Caretakers respect the space of the renters and are discreet in their presence using the lower driveway for parking and entry to their own apartment. Extensive plantings have been added to the property to ensure the utmost privacy while bathing by the pool, using the out-door shower, traveling between buildings and wandering the gardens. We value the security and privacy of our guests and work diligently to ensure it with regular improvements and property care.

Exterior of Club House
Exterior of Club House
Exterior of Club House
White Room of Club House
Club House Linens
Club House Linens
Garden Suite Bed of Club House
Garden Suite Bed of Club House